Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Evelyn:  Mesmerized at the ways in which support is evident in nature, I stared at this bud, encapsulated by green leaves, small waxy marks like little kisses at its edges. It appears supported as its blossom presses outward, moving its growth towards a moment of fullness, much like an embrace, supporting another in her growth, until she is fully ready to push out into the world with all her power.

Monica: I don't know if it's the new year, but I feel the beginning of a shift in my life. After a decade-long battle with writer's block, I am finally willing to face my resistance and compassionately direct myself to write every day. The resistance is enormous. My writing process is tentative and messy; I struggle to keep my hand moving across the page in spite of the fearful or critical voices that lurk in the shadows of my mind. I need support in this endeavor, though I'm not sure where to find it or what it looks like. I feel like a tiny bud preparing to burst into flower—there is a greater force supporting my efforts—I simply need to allow myself trust the unfolding.


  1. Oh, my sister!!! I am in awe of our joint images and messages - seeing that neither of us connect on what that might be until we have both finished our choosings & expressions. Better yet, know that I will gladly defend you from your "Editor" and put her in her place in those times that you are not able to. I love you! All I can say is WOW!! You are brilliant!

  2. Monica,
    Your words of unfolding resonate in me. Your words of desire for support motivate me to comment.
    We don't know each other. I've gone back and read all of your posts since the start of the year.
    In the event that you're wondering...I have no assessments of your posts - no critique - no judgments about them - no descriptives to apply.
    What I do have to share is that I can clearly say that I personally feel a little more cognizant of the richness of the world in which I live, and I feel a desire to be more mindful, or 'consciously alive.'
    I'm grateful that I spent the time, and I'm grateful that your and Evelyn's posts were there to be imbibed. Thank you for sharing.