Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flow & Achievement

Evelyn: Continuing my photographic efforts to capture things that represent what I want more of in my life... I found this billboard. It is not the best of photos.... but the message was extraordinary...
I was taking a route that I have driven maybe 5 times in my 11 years here, JUST to avoid all the extra traffic... and I drove by, gasped, did a U-Turn, and had to snap some pictures, shaking in my car seat, hoping traffic wouldn't pile up on the narrow road. I vow to be an "overachiever" and be extraordinary! I want MORE MORE MORE of that this year! [Thanks to Coca Cola for the encouragement!]

Monica: I walked down out to the headlands and watched numerous whales make their way south along the coastline, spouting and surfacing and flipping their tails. It was marvelous to witness. I then made my way down to the beach and observed the gentle, winding flow of Jug Handle Creek as it made its way to the sea. I found this little feather perched on the edge of the creek bank, and it reminded me of how I want to BE in my life: I want to go with the flow of things, to not struggle against whatever life puts before me. [Note: I had to laugh when I saw Evelyn's picture.  I tend to be an underachiever; Evelyn is already an overachiever of superhuman proportions. I'm always trying to get her to scale it back a bit, while she encourages me to step it up.]

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