Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Evelyn: Sometimes the day starts in unexpected ways, with a rush of details and maneuvers and connections that can spin circles around my energy. Such was my day, teetering on a rope over moving ground, solving and processing, jumping and making muscles. It is always an inadvertent adventure, my life, and it spirals with color, and crevices, and gaps, and shadows...a playground.

Monica: For as long as I can remember, I've loved putting on my walking shoes or hopping on my bike and heading off in a new direction, allowing myself to get "lost"—simply for the thrill of getting out into the wide world and discovering something new. These small adventures developed my confidence and self-reliance so that I had the courage at 7 to fly alone cross-country to spend the summer with one of my parents; at 11, to take the bus into town to meet my mother for lunch; at 15, to spend a year abroad in Italy; at 25, to spend 2 years teaching English in China; and at 35, to move to Mendocino to become an Innkeeper at a nature preserve. There have been so many adventures in my life thus far. I look forward to many more...


  1. Lovely picture Monica... and I love what you wrote here... <3

    I miss you... and the farm... and that pathway to the Caspar Lighthouse!

  2. Almost the same path I keep in the treasures of my heart, a path that led to my favorite place on this earth, La casa de zinc, in Cauca. The touch of Nature gave me security, peace and a sense of belonging. I keep following your journeys.