Thursday, January 20, 2011


Monica: The fun thing about today's word: I can take a picture of just about anything and ask the viewer to guess, but the challenge is in showing something ordinary from an unrecognizable perspective. New shapes and patterns emerge, and multiple layers merge into one. Can you guess what this is? 

Evelyn: Today felt like a mystery picture, and with my new extension tubes, everything through the lens is a mystery. For me, the adventure in photography includes the many ways in which the world is re-framed through the lens. I have opportunities to notice things I would never have seen, and sometimes SEE things my aging eyes would never have caught. So a simple daily routine then becomes a new world —new terrains, new colors, new observations, a new appreciation for yet another perspective... Did you guess what this is?


  1. You guys could do a whole year of Guess photos!!
    Here are my guesses:
    Monica your picture is a reflection of a tree in a puddle.
    Evelyn your picture is the side of a dried piece of fruit that you pored out on the table from a bag of trail mix.

    Am I close?

  2. Adam, you are exactly right. Our photos (especially mine) weren't cryptic enough.

  3. Monica, your pictures is a crack on a iced lake.
    Evelyn, your picture is an edge of a cone flower.
    Now this is good exercise for the aging brain.
    or a Casava chip from Traders joe.