Monday, January 3, 2011


Monica: My husband, Michael, is a huge inspiration to me. I love him for the similarities we share (minimalism and neatness; a love for weird architecture; good listening skills), but it's our differences that inspire me the most and make our relationship interesting. He is self-disciplined where I am lackadaisical. He seeks treasures, curious to discover what is just around the next bend (and the bend after that...), where I am content to linger in the present with what I already have. So here's to a little more self-discipline and treasure-hunting in 2011.

Evelyn: I found a little synchronicity in my tea... I hadn't noticed the message until cleaning up my desk of yesterday's tea binge (yesterday was recuperation day between catching up on sleep and dealing with a long plane ride - no wonder I missed it) - Tonight I returned home from my Creative Soulcare workshop (Week 1) and was reminded...

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