Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sudden Critters

Monica: We have an unofficial farm cat that I've named Delilah. She's wild, but we see her nearly every day someplace on the property. I watch her  pseudo-stalking the turkeys in the lower meadow in the morning or checking out the compost pile in the late afternoon. She's pretty skittish and won't let anyone get within 20 feet of her. But this morning when I got up and peeked out the office door, there she was, comfortably snoozing in a shady patch of grass next to our car. And she was only about 10 feet away. Within seconds of hearing my camera shutter click, she was off again. She turned once at the top of the stairs to glare at me for disturbing her little nap.

Evelyn: It caught my attention, glimmering in the sunshine, waves rolling it like a shiny bag every few moments. I am curious about the creatures our ocean holds, and confused as to why, certain times of year, I find these jellyfish picking up sand on the shore. Beneath the bulbous top was a glimmering, colorful world, and for a moment I wondered what all she had seen before she landed here.

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