Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sativa!

Monica: It's Sativa's birthday today and she and her family are celebrating with my sister in Florida. (Did I mention I wish I were there right now?) It was a beautiful sunny day here in Caspar, and these flowers reminded me of candles aflame on a cake. Happy birthday, Sativa. You're beautiful, kind, talented, smart, inspiring, and a fabulous friend. May your wishes come true this year.

Evelyn: There is something about watching someone you love make wishes - the joy of having a wish opportunity, the anticipation the audience holds as we watch her prepare to blow out the candle, the curiosity of what wishes float behind her eyes as she brings her gaze back to the flame and directs her breath, her energy, into the fulfillment of something heart-felt and meaningful. The exhale, the release... and do we remember our wishes after they have been made and trust the universe to fulfill them, or do we hold them tight to our breast in fear that they may not be fulfilled? At least, I imagine, the audience of the wish-maker share a hope that the wish will blossom, as I do for Sativa.


  1. Our beautiful daughter...the red flower. Happy B-Day!!!

    Love forever!!

    D & D

    Sativa, Sam and I wish for you all the happiness you and your family deserve. I love you.
    Que Viva Sativa!!