Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dimples & Wings

Evelyn: Some days I simply can not pick which picture I want. I was hit with numerous amazing visions and once I had one picked another photo opportunity burst at me so that I scrambled to grab the camera again. We had just closed up the house to keep out the mosquitoes and looking down at the living room window I discovered a small dragonfly who had gotten himself caught in the house. Translucent wings with glowing orange-brown patterns beamed at me between lacy veins under the macro lens, all calling for one more picture... one more view close up, of a world I typically don't get to see.

Monica: She still gets carded in the checkout line at the grocery store. She has a gentleness that attracts children and animals to her. You would never guess the strength and power that reside under the surface of her innocent-looking facade. Her laughter is infectious. And she has the most adorable dimples.  

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