Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Evelyn: Sand in my toes... that is all I have been wanting lately is sand in my toes. On Wednesday... just to drive, music blasting, hair flying, singing to my heart's content, the sun stroking my skin and warming me up. In many ways I love Florida, just for the water and sun and sand in my toes, and an afternoon without any responsibility other than making sure I get just enough sand and water to soothe my "runaway" urges.

Monica: We had just picked up our mail in Caspar when I saw some gorgeous flowers I wanted to photograph. Suddenly Michael was calling to me from the car, "Get over here with your camera!" and I heard the squeals of children getting nearer. There they were, three little girls piled into a motorized go-cart, laughing and screaming, arms waving as they flew over bumps and puddles. I remembered that unbridled joy of driving a bumper car or my dad's lawn mower, when I got to experience the thrill of handling a motorized vehicle. The sight made us both laugh. There's nothing quite like the laughter of children at play to make your day.

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