Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seeing Red

Monica: I noticed the ladybug scuttling her way across the fine "branches" of my lemon thyme plant in the garden. I was fascinated by how she made her way from one branch to the next, grabbing a leaf or flower and pulling herself across. I wondered what it would feel like to carry a body like hers through the world, round like a turtle's shell, and yet so much lighter.

Evelyn: Moving through a weekend, red sneakers keeping me afloat. These shoes are symbolic of my commitment to live more colorfully this year - to be bigger and still play... and sometimes my sneakers find someone else to play with, our bellies up close to squeeze in our brilliant feet, and then off to make our ways in other directions. So proud of the wearer of the other set of red - for living colorfully, brilliantly, willingly.

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