Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Flowers

Monica: I'm trying to learn the names of flowers and plants. It allows for a more specific image when one calls a flower by its common name; "wild iris" just sounds better than "that funky purple flower." So this week, it's been all about the rhododendrons, which are in full bloom here. The name sounds more like a geometric shape than a flower, but the flower itself is spectacular. The bell-shaped flowers grow in bouquet-like clusters in shades of buttery white, lemon yellow, magenta, ruby red, and powder pink. Some of them have a delicate fragrance. This one reminds me of an egg, sunny-side up.

Evelyn: She stood at a distance, an unexpected audience watching, as she held the world at the tip of her being. The flight of an insect, a whisper of wind, and she would be touched by the seeds that feed the world. Such is the meaning of her being, a sneeze of an existential moment.

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