Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Evelyn: Quite the adventure sauntering into the supermarket, hair freshly washed, camera in hand, sporting a tank top and jeans when the rest of the US is covered in snow. I got a few strange looks as I snapped pictures of things that caught my attention - like the brilliant orange chiles, numerous mysterious and colorful fruit, and a handful of purple mums that called to be brought home. For once, I enjoyed seeing the store with different eyes, and I smiled at the produce section, all the fruits and veggies asking me to note their brilliance. For as much as shopping triggers some resistance in me on a regular basis, this became a bit of a nature walk indoors.

Monica: I was excited about today's word and the opportunity to take photos in a new place. I visited four small markets in Fort Bragg and was disappointed; the lighting was all wrong and I didn't bring the right lens and I couldn't quite capture the lines or colors I had envisioned. I did get the vintage neon sign outside the Colombi market, advertising its liquors, meats, & sundries.

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