Monday, February 14, 2011


Evelyn: Cocooned in the layers, protected and sweet, the authenticity of her nature warms her, and the festival of others, in like manner, wrapped in their own layers, provides a communal sense of connection and recognition. Sometimes flowers, delivered lovingly, unexpectedly, are morsels of tenderness that warm me, nurture me, touch on my love of nature and leave me feeling known, recognized, appreciated. Today, they remind me that there is a soul out there paddling in the same direction with me, celebrating connection in ways that are simple, clear, and of the sincerest intention. A festival of colors and aromas, every flower its own flavor, every petal its own lissome fabric.

Monica:  It's Valentine's Day and my husband refused to buy me flowers. Instead, I got to sleep in late, read a book till noon, run a few errands, eat pizza, and get a massage. It was nice to walk around downtown Fort Bragg and do a little window shopping. The shop displays are a festival of colors, mirroring the colors that are rapidly blooming from the earth. It was a quiet day, but I am no less thankful for its simplicity and the fact I get to spend another day by my sweetheart's side.

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