Saturday, February 19, 2011


Monica: Today is Michael's birthday and I can't help but feel disappointed at how the day unfolded. I wanted to do something special for him today but work got in the way. One of the (few) downsides of this job is not being able to really get away from work unless we physically leave our home. Today was one of those days where we couldn't quite get away. I had no time to prepare a special meal or even bake a birthday cake, and somehow I feel I've failed in the thoughtfulness department. Granted, I have planned a birthday trip to Santa Cruz to go ziplining in the redwoods, but it just doesn't feel the same. So today's simple appointment, to celebrate my husband's birthday, turned into a bit of a disappointment. :-(

Evelyn: My calendar is filled with appointments, with others, with myself, with clients, with the college... moon phases, holidays, birthdays, weekend plans... the blocked arrays look much like a box of colored candy. Today I had an appointment with a client, and sat at a table with one of the most extraordinary orchids I have ever seen. "Ugly-pretty" is how I labeled them, lined up on their stem like dirty pots dripping single curling rose petals and a tiny bud in the center. Rough and manly, yet inviting and delicate. [P.S. I have had an appointment pop up on my reminders ALL week for Michael's Birthday!! I love you, Michael - happy birthday. Phew... didn't miss it!]

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  1. Perhaps the biggest disappointments were the ones you expected anyway.