Sunday, February 13, 2011


Monica: There's a difference between seeking and seeing. Seeking is looking for something outside oneself, something that is not already present, something other than what is. Seeing is being present to the immediate moment, the now. I see only what is before me. I seek what I do not already have, something I hope for in the future. Thus, seeing is an act of presence, while seeking is one of absence, of going off somewhere else to find love, happiness, or peace. What if love, happiness, and peace can only ever be seen and not sought? Each day I venture out with my camera seeking beauty. Now I realize that I don't need to seek it. It's already here in front of me, now, in this moment. I only need to open my eyes.

Evelyn:  On the eve of Valentines day, I found myself in Publix, inundated with piles of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and endless displays of ways to prove ones love. For a Sunday night, the place was packed with last minute efforts. I am not much of a fan - feeling disembodied with the commercialization of love, seeking proof through gifts and messages, and the ability to do that well on one day of the year. Love needs no proof, in purest form it requires trust and an unconditional awareness that all the other emotions we carry have little to do with our partner, and have more to do with ourselves, our self awareness, our own self-love. So in an act of loving myself (and my kid) I took advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Love need not be sought, only acted upon!

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