Sunday, February 20, 2011


Evelyn: With impending changes in my life, and the struggle to find my direction with regard to career and making livable healthy wages, I spent today—most all of it—working tenaciously on resumés, applications, and non-sneaky bragging. My friend Ed sat with the enthusiasm and attentiveness of a kid anticipating a handful of mini-marshmallows smooshed between thin-mint Girl Scout Cookies: surfing and questioning, analyzing, and applying, and eventually helping me to deliver an astounding cover letter and resume to numerous places. My list is long, but the accomplishment felt relieving and hopeful as I take steps to ensure my continued stability. Resumé successfully delivered in several directions...  Anyone looking for a dynamic and reliable post-secondary instructor who will enrich the student's lives with a significantly robust experience in learning about the intrigue of psychology and the human condition?

Monica: Is it just me, or is Spring is delivering her flowering bounty early this year? First, the plum tree in December. Then the daffodils in January. This morning I noticed the tiny periwinkle blooms of Forget-me-nots vying for attention amidst the greenery around the Farmhouse. I so look forward to the imminent showcase of color here on the coast. It also reminds me that allergy season is just around the corner, and I hope the grasses and pollens go easier on me this year.

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  1. Mini-marshmallows smooshed between thin-mint Girl Scout Cookies!...oh, my mouth is watering, and, and, and...I didn't get any of that! Was there a bargain that I didn't know about?