Sunday, February 27, 2011


Monica: The weather has been weird the last few days. It snowed a little on Friday—not enough to stick—just enough to see the contrast of white flakes against the dark trees before they turned to water as they hit the ground. The past two mornings I awoke to a frosted world and worried that the daffodils and verbenas would be horribly wilted. Surprisingly, the cold snap doesn't seem to have had a big impact on the plants and flowers as far as I can tell. Maybe they are adapting to the sudden changes in temperature and precipitation that seem to be happening more each season.

Evelyn:  I had little interest in snapping photos of the group of Rolls Royces and Jaguars that slowly arrived at the RR/Jag club breakfast this morning. I'd seen lots over the last year, and as they slotted themselves in place, one after the next in the parking lot, this grandmother Rolls chattered and snuggled itself in between the group. It struck such an interest that I stopped to walk across the lot just to enjoy the aging two tones and crumbling lines. All the other vehicles were sweetened up with new paint and careful polish... much like society, add a piece or part here or there, ignoring the influence of aging and trying to look younger than one is.  But she bore the beautiful lines of a car that has been run, worn, enjoyed, and weathered. The impact of time made me appreciate the vehicle more than the others, and I curiously polled the owner about his plans; he intended to enjoy her for her regal beauty. I smiled, reminded that nothing stops the process of getting older, more weathered, and a bit crotchety... and there are some who appreciate the beauty of that tender, sometimes painful process, for the wisdom and stability it brings.


  1. The full impact of parenthood doesn't hit you until you multiply the number of your kids by thirty-two teeth.

  2. Hi ladies,
    The word of the day could not be more appropriate and I smiled when I saw it. I came here to write to you to tell you both of YOUR impact. Because of you, I started my own 365 day project. I am having so much fun. But also, because of my project, two co-workers have been inspired to 1) take more photos and 2) journal every day. The first guy at one point told me he just did not have the time and now he is shooting weekly. And the other guy is 28 days into his journal (he was a pro photographer in a previous life). Both of them told me this almost incredulously and also gratefully. So... your art and inspiration have made their way to AZ in a big way. Thanks so much for the IMPACT you have had on our lives.