Sunday, February 6, 2011


Evelyn: When I bump into tiny miracles, like water droplets hanging precariously to the edges of flowers, or the amazing beauty of a full blossom, I believe that anything is possible. That I won't drown in water drops, that despite the crazy weather I can still blossom, that there is always hope, always possibilities, and always a place for me in the world. 

Monica:  I walked down to the beach this afternoon to catch the last bit of warm afternoon sunshine. I watched two 8-year-old girls practice their gymnastics and try to outdo each others' cartwheels, flips, and spins and remembered the physicality of my own childhood—how easy it was to spend hours just running around, jumping, chasing, cartwheeling, crawling, hiding, seeking, climbing, and leaping. My body was compact, and nimble, and easy to maneuver.  I believed I would never stop careening through the world at high speed. I've grown up and slowed down a bit, but I still believe in play. Every once in awhile, I'll whip out a cartwheel, just to see if I still can.

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  1. No reason to stop it now. You are still a baby. I loved cartwheeling, too.
    I loved that flower. It looks like an orquid.
    Keep the adventure going and at the same time giving our eyes and heart the joy and wonder of mother nature.