Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Evelyn: On the property there is a small tree amidst the oaks that is covered in pink flowers. There isn't a trace of green leaves, as we are in the middle of a Florida winter, however, this tree is nothing but tenacious pink blossoms. I have been fascinated the last week at its vibrance under overcast skies, how it is living life more colorfully than the rest (my mantra this year). AND, when I looked closely, those pink buds held the kernel of life for future growth, future trees, future blossoms... future awe by passing observers, opportunity for mesmerizing color under dismal skies, and the potent energy of seeds for springtime growth. One bud offers a world of possibility in the energy at its core...

Monica: Michael and I started eating a low-carb/no-sugar diet back in October and were both surprised to see how much better we both felt overall. Better digestion, more energy, and lost weight convinced us that a diet of primarily protein and vegetables is a good way to eat. Unfortunately, we have a weakness for popcorn. It has become our evening ritual to pop a batch of kernels in one of those stove-top hand-crank poppers, top it with butter and salt (and brewer's yeast for me), and watch a movie. Our low-carb diet got kicked to the curb over the holidays and now we're trying to go back to it. We can eat protein and veggies all day, but just can't kick the popcorn habit yet.

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