Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Evelyn: The last day of August, over 2 months since I put the house for sale and started the process of clearing out. It is also the first week that I am starting to see how I fit into the college, becoming part of the faculty's world, getting organized, sorting through books and technology. I was determined, however, to take a walk at the beach before going home, and managed to arrive for a spectacular sunset and an array of brief encounters in the dimming light of ocean oddities. Shells and grasses, leaves like little boats carrying foam and sand. Even a pod of dolphins, taking leaps from the water to check out the spectacle of the setting sun. My favorite, as always, are the things I capture when up close and personal: rainbows of light reflected in quickly popping bubbles settled on a small leaf in the sand.

Monica: In the midst of doing the rounds this evening, I turned the corner and there was a mess of shoes on the Farmhouse porch, the colorful cast-offs of the high school students that are staying here this week. I noted that not much has changed in the way of teenage footwear; it's still hip to wear colorful sneakers and to lace them creatively.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Monica: I'm in love with this color combination; the contrast of burnt gold with brilliant blue. Sunflowers against sky make my day every time...

Evelyn: Tuesday was a long day for me. I barely got dinner by 9pm - but my kitchen sports a few friends that greet me, even that late. This one had once disappeared behind the stove at the old house. It was nice to clean off my driving cat salt & pepper shakers and perch it on my cookbook shelf.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Evelyn: Today was better. Somehow feeling homesick and a bit disoriented. It was meet-the-teacher night, and I ran around like a crazed teenager through a school I am still trying to make decisions about (I don't think I am the only one in this 2-party family). I liked the teachers, who seemed genuinely happy to BE teachers, which put me at ease. As usual, the immediate report before anything is said, "I like Justin; I love the way he thinks." Now if only I can get him to attain a locker so he isn't hauling 50 pounds of books around.

Monica: We walked down to the beach just minutes before sunset and were not disappointed with the view. After days of fog, the sky cleared just in time for a brilliant show of sunset colors. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

Monica: This tiny spider spun its web across several plants in the native plant nursery. I watched it glisten and shiver in the breeze; it reminded me of ripples in a pool of water. Amazing that such a delicate thing can be so deadly.

Evelyn: The entrance to my dad's place is a jungle. Tucked in that jungle are amazing little morsels of budding life and busy-ness among insects of every kind. In one 10-pace walk, I discovered a chrysalis, a branch with three monarch caterpillars, and flowery sprouts all over.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Evelyn: Belated but bustling. My friend Paul has celebrated two birthdays with me now, having shown up as a friend in ways I would not have expected. Especially in the last few months, he has had my back. In May he was there as I moved through the exhaustion, fear, and stress of Justin's appendicitis,  showing up each night to give me a respite from my watch, to walk and talk. He was a huge help in making the move to Clearwater, hauling, driving, cleaning, and encouraging. He shows up in ways that are thoughtful and adventurous. He came along to swing dance, cupcake "cake" in hand, to put up with dance lessons that were awkward and watch as I Charlestoned, or Swinged, or Lindy-hopped. He is deeply appreciated for being present.

Monica: In a flurry of inspiration, I spent much of the weekend making art. There was no purpose other than to play with colors, glue, and scraps of paper. The act of making art makes me more attuned to the art around me; I can appreciate the design of someone's event flyer or the beauty of some street art in an alley and be inspired.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Monica: It began with my 23rd birthday. Sativa gave me a gift in this bag and her mother suggested I sign one of the little rectangles and make a note of the occasion. Eight days later, I gave Sativa her birthday present in the bag. She signed another rectangle, noting it was her 24th birthday. And so it has gone on for 14 years, being passed back and forth on different occasions. My college graduation. Her hip surgery. Christmas. Hanukkah. New Year's. "Just because" gifts. I don't necessarily remember the specific gifts. But every time I see the bag, I smile, thinking of my dear friend and the many years of friendship between us. And if we haven't always been physically there for each other's life events, we've been there in spirit, as is evidenced by the many signed rectangles on this bag.

Evelyn: There has been a farewell every Friday since starting my new job; every one mixed as to reason, execution or implementation, and response of the team. A lot of goodbyes for the small amount of time I have had for hellos. I haven't lost confidence in my place in the organization in any way. I love the sense that we are all on the same team on behalf of student success. It is evident, I noted today, of the impact someone has had on the organization based on what you find written on the farewell card. I was pleasantly encouraged to see whole paragraphs written about our latest loss, a wonderful and talented administrative assistant, who sported an array of neon flowers, sent to her by the students of the day program. She will be missed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mad Housewife

Evelyn:  Everything about my day/week fits here, in the frame. Dealing with an unhappy and discouraged teenager does not compute to hugs and apologies easily. I know how hard it is to move and to start up at a new school. I did it a lot as a kid. However, the Kidlet is passive in his efforts to protest which results in an enormous amount of aggravation and argument. Ultimately I want him to be happy (myself included.) The school start has been riddled with "taking time off" during the first few weeks at a NEW job to deal with things that are not moving fluidly, plus my ongoing lack of sleep this week, (waking up at the butt-crack of dawn [5:15 a.m.] to ensure he is up for school, then going to bed by midnight-thirty at the earliest) resulted in a near head-on collision at the school, wrapped curtly with a few profane words thrown at the assistant principal and salted with tears of exasperation. Simply, my efforts over the last week to use NVC, empathy, and patience finally met with the part of me that is tired and frustrated and livid that us new folk could not get easily situated. Justin has been without a bus almost all week (he rode one home today because of an hour phone call to buck the 3- week waiting list), and I have spent a good solid working day on calls and visits to get our needs met. The front desk clerk of Guidance, despite being overwhelmed, flips from pleasant to curt, with no order or structure to her efforts to manage the cluster of parents who also needed things to work for their teens, and provided nothing but a stonewall of my efforts to HELP her. So, like a mad housewife, I went in this morning succumbing to a sneaky hate spiral; unshowered and moppy, tired and grumpy, on the verge of a meltdown—I threw the F word into the air along with my request for a bus—and left somewhat hopeful after the wide-eyed attention. Then I briskly showered, pressed, primped, ate, and ran off into an accreditation visit at the campus where ongoing smiles were in order, and finally tumbled home with flowers and wine in hand to "make up" to myself for having to juggle so much these last few months of summer. I am simply sipping wine in wait for the dust to settle....Breathe.

Monica: A new kind of dahlia is getting ready to bloom in our front garden. I'm waiting to see what stunning color will emerge tomorrow. [Evelyn just pointed out that my dahlia appears to be flipping her off. Poor thing has obviously had one hell of a week!]

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clothing (Optional)

Monica: The camera comes with me everywhere, including the hot tub spa where we got to soak and relax for an hour in steamy hot water.  
Evelyn: I got my birthday presents in the mail today and in arrived a piece of Grandma, who manages to show up in some way or another each year. Monica sent me her dress, the one she wore to her sister Bertha's wedding. It is beautiful—full of polka dots and a unique collar, pearl buttons and a delicate slip—the perfect style for swing dance. I am excited that I get to give it a try for live band swing on Saturday and that Hurricane Irene decided to go bother the Carolinas instead of Florida. I haven't tried it on yet. I am praying it will fit.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy to Be Home

Evelyn: In and out. I've been doing a lot of running around between getting up at 5:15 a.m. to get Justin to school, and later ME to work, then leaving early to get Justin from Starbucks less than a mile from school. My keys waiting by the door to head out or check back in. My new house key has a monkey on it. It reminds me of my sister. I have to get used to having more than a car key, being that the last 12 years were spent with a garage door opener and a car key only. But I love my monkey—always happy to be home.

Monica: We went kayaking on the Albion river this afternoon. We were the only ones on the river and once we rounded a couple of bends, we were immersed in that stillness that feels miles away from the noise & haste of human activity. Then I realized that we live in a place where it takes most people 2-4 hours to get to, to get away from civilization and all its demands, to go someplace where they can feel enveloped by beauty and solitude. We are lucky to be in nature from the moment we step outside our door. I miss civilization sometimes, but mostly I prefer this, the majesty of towering redwood forests, the vast sparkling ocean, and miles and miles of landscape untouched by pavement, buildings, and billboards. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Evelyn's Birthday

Monica: I wandered down to the beach in the early evening to catch the last rays of sunshine and send a little birthday message to my sister, via the sea.

Evelyn: My birthday—full of distractions and high school craziness, wild weather, driving around, homemade BBQ ribs (kidlet done good!) and friendly meals. I especially was impressed with myself; it was the first time I solved the Pyraminx by myself to the very end. I'll catch up to my teen, someday, maybe... (smirk)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Evelyn: 42 years ago today, this woman was bravely pushing me into the world and I took my sweet time (36 hours actually). We had a wonderful meal together today for my early birthday, celebrating the 2nd annual of my 40th! I am amazed at all that she is, all she has survived, all she inspires, all the ways in which she loves!

Monica: We took a Sunday drive to explore the road between Philo and Elk and discovered the Apple Farm, a sweet little "self service" farm stand in Philo. They grow a variety of organic apples and pears which they use to make juice, cider, applesauce, and chutney, all of which they sell at their stand. We bought some fruity heirloom apples and wandered around their beautiful grounds, where we discovered pigs & chickens. We also learned they have some little cabins to stay in. Best of all, they're right next to a delicious-looking swimming hole on the Navarro river. I think we found our next getaway place!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ceramic & Glaze

Monica: I was talking to Evelyn today about my relationship with most objects in my life. I have a need to let go of things often, things that I like which have served their purpose but I don't want to hold onto for sentimental reasons alone. I have moved so much in my life that I've learned to travel light. Many objects enter my life and are gone again within a few years' time. A few objects are useful enough, beautiful enough, and sentimental enough that I continue to carry them from one place to the next. Case in point: this ceramic mug. I bought it at the Saturday Market in Portland, OR in the first few weeks of my college freshman year. It was the first time my (now best) friend Sativa and I hung out together off campus. I remember us strolling through the market, admiring the crafts and sharing stories about ourselves. We commiserated over the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship with our respective boyfriends. I fell in love with this mug when I saw it—I loved the shape and colors and how it felt in my hand. I remember it was a splurge to spend the $24 on it, but I knew it would be worth it. I was right. This mug has been by my side through many all-nighters, days spent sick in bed, evenings curled up with a good book, tearful phone calls, job applications, and long conversations with friends. This mug has held innumerable coffees, teas, hot waters with lemon, herbal tinctures, and Chinese medicines. I've had this mug for nearly 20 years now. I know that someday, this object too shall pass.

Evelyn: It felt good to destroy my hands a bit more today with some art. Forget that they have been immersed in cleaning agents all day (I hate rubber gloves)—I got to toss them into pans of glaze at Practically Pikasso and schmooze with friends, sip wine, and listen to ample chatter as I played. Great day to play, rain pouring outside, and a distant sunset pushing through the windows, illuminating my work in an eerie, alien way.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Being Here

Evelyn: Sunset dinner to celebrate my first paycheck, and this was one of the most affordable meals I've had in ages. Delightful sweet mango, crumbled blue cheese, fresh spring salad, and grilled shrimp & scallops, all along the warm light of the bay. I am going to love being here.

Monica: The tear-off slips read: "There's beauty all around you and within you. Take a moment and breathe in this truth." I appreciate this sudden reminder to attend to all the beauty enveloping me right where I am.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Monica: It's been a busy summer. A hectic summer. A summer that will be over all too soon. It's been weeks since I've walked down to the beach to watch the sun set and the waves roll in.  Today I convinced Michael to come with me, as our only true time off happens when we are physically away from our home, time we desperately need but haven't been able to take during this busy season. I tend to forget how revitalizing it is to breathe the salt air, bask in the golden light before dusk, and laugh with my sweetheart by my side. I'm glad I remembered today.
Evelyn: Do I look frazzled and tired? Registering a kid for high school in Florida is worse than trying to get a visa (okay, maybe not that bad....) But I need the blue form, and the red stapler, and I didn't get the TPS report, and my transcripts are too dark, and the pediatrician forgot who we were, and the Guidance Counselor can't talk to me without the yellow form, and it all looks like a conspiracy to make sure SOMEONE is making money on physicals and shots and GAS!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Portraits

Evelyn: I finally got the tiger to my door. My car was beginning to smell like cat pee (seriously) and now my life is looking more familiar than it feels. Hobbes reminds me that sometimes I just need to shrug it off.  Shrug—shrug.

Monica: Today I discovered the plum trees in the kitchen garden are packed with sweet, ripe plums. Clara, her daughter Jazmin, and I collaborated to retrieve them from their impossible heights. Clara spotted the fruit and directed us to the right branch, I stood on my toes to pull the branch down, and Jazmin knocked the plums down with a stick. It reminded me of  when I was Jazmin's age, standing in the garden below the tall quenepo tree at my great aunt Leonor's house in Colombia, waiting to catch the fruit that my mother was plucking and tossing down to me from above. I was impressed with how my mom expertly scrambled up the tree, without fear. Being with my mom always has been a lesson in being brave and taking risks. I got to be her sidekick on all sorts of  adventures.  I see Jazmin has a similar relationship with her own mom.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Monica: "And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~ Anaïs Nin

Evelyn: (Early Morning Light in the Living room) I am gradually making spaces, for my art and my life, for my shoes and my computer, for the sunlight to come streaming in, and the many pillows I seem to have accumulated. I still have a ways to go, and my goal has been to keep it moving, but the last few nights have been full of walks and eating as I acclimate to a desk job (at least so far... I know eventually I will be teaching a class or two). So, I just enjoy how much I have gotten done, and ignore the 5 boxes in the kitchen, and encourage the universe to give me energy to finish this before the Colombians show up.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Life Is Good

Evelyn: Look, Amanda, I painted you a sunset for your birthday! (An "after work" beach sunset. I totally love that I can kick off my shoes at any time and chill at the beach. Life is GOOD!)

Monica: He's reading me something off the internet that's cracking us both up. That grin is priceless to me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Deck

Monica: Taking some time out on the back deck to stretch in the sunshine and appreciate this day just as it is.

Evelyn: Some things work best when they are collaborative—not forced—but part of the desire to make things happen for the greater good of both. Today was spent with my "wasband," painting the house so it can be rented or sold. We got a lot done between the two of us, and although the critters on the washed deck were involved in other activities which don't quite fit my day, Gary knows me well and called me to grab my camera, "because there's something we don't see often!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pink Ladies

Evelyn: Jamie is a goddess. She has a way with creatures and humans unlike anyone I have known. Imagine Snow White, and scenes in which all the creatures of the forest just descend upon her universe; Jamie is that. Stray cat, Oliver, a Parrot Rio, and recently Harry, the stray fancy rat who was coaxed out of the bushes by conversation alone. I don't know how she does it, but her heart glows and warms the souls of people and creatures alike. I trust her and love her, and get kisses without question whenever we hang out. The blessings in my life are profound!

Monica: August is when the pink ladies arrive, marking two years since we moved to Mendocino. Their flamboyant faces crop up in random patches along the coast, early harbingers of autumn. I am really beginning to know the seasons by the different things that grow or bloom at certain times of the year: the pink ladies in August, red cap mushrooms in October, the plum tree in December, daffodils in February, wild iris in March...It feels good to realize I've been paying attention.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunset Views

Monica: The fog rolled in this morning and finally began to clear in the evening, not long before sunset. As I prepared our dinner of asparagus soup, I felt thankful for the warm light coming through the kitchen window. I'd felt chilled all day. Then, at dinner, another view: the silhouettes of candlesticks and binoculars against a backdrop of fading sun.

Evelyn: I managed to slam my head into my father's garage on Tuesday morning while running from the rain. This week has been a fight to feel better and get familiar with both my new job and new people, while explaining I wasn't picking fights with former wrestlers at the corner five-and-dime, or playing kick-the-can with my new neighbors. I didn't think a bump would cause so much trouble. Within 48 hours my eye was so swollen it started leaking during the day, and the persistent headache and residual whip-lash made it hard to "settle in" to my job this week. Finally, a trip to the beach after work and dinner, and I was able to park myself on the sand and chill for the sunset, seeing clearly enough that my vision wasn't smothered by heavy swollen skin for the first time since Tuesday. The cool breeze put me to sleep, along with the rhythmic tranquility of the ocean. So, this is my new life...a few bumps getting here, but all is well!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bed Head

Evelyn: Pat freaks me out a little bit. She is the androgynous medical emergency patient at the college I just began working at. Every time I walk into a classroom lab, there is a bed with yet another body tossed onto it haphazardly, arms dangling and feet socked, gazing lifelessly into the atmosphere. Pat has removable Velcro parts that make him a bit of a hermaphrodite, and can feign common issues so that the Medical Assistants can practice. Not sure I can easily integrate the idea of Pat into my daily routine without some squeamish feelings, or the thought that at some moment she may burst out and laugh. Perhaps one day we will grab coffee and discuss it.

Monica: Some days are just dreary, grumpy, and frustrating. All I can do is take a photograph of what's right in front of me because I don't have the energy or patience to go out seeking beauty. And then beauty shows up anyway, in the different textures and colors that appear on the screen. Whether I try or not, it's always there. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Monica: Michael motioned me to follow him outside while I was talking to my dad on the phone, getting tech support. He pointed to this little green frog perched on one of the kayaks my dad sent to us. My dad has a thing for frogs, so I thought it was fitting that one should appear just as I was seeking his help.

Evelyn: My closet is getting there... and it is interesting how moving creates this massive purging experience. I really get to see what I have, what I don't wear, what I like, what used to be me and isn't anymore. I've also taken to rainbowing my closet, which clearly needs a lot more color... what you don't see are the rows of black behind the tickle of color at the front.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zen Medicine

Evelyn: The universe (as Monica said) decided to slow me down. Better said, stop me in my tracks. In the midst of errands and a downpour of rain, I called my dad to open the garage door so I didn't have to get soaked and my full run and busy mind prevented me from noticing that the garage door was not high enough to clear. I ducked, then slammed full-on into the garage door, which knocked me flat on my ass into puddles. My effort to immediately get up was thwarted by a strong pain in my head and a gash above my eye (plus two additional knots and three scrapes along my forehead and into my hairline). I had to sit there a moment to get my head back on. "Slow the F@^$ DOWN!" shouted the universe. "You don't have to run so hard anymore! I totally got you here, but you are NOT LISTENING!" And all I keep thinking is "I am trying to slow's just a habit!"

Monica: In the last couple of months, several cannabis cooperatives have sprung up in town. We stopped in Mendocino for a bit and there was another one, right across the street from the ice cream shop. The door was open and we could see a clean, spacious, and sleek interior with polished hardwood floors—not your typical hippie cooperative with Bob Marley and Grateful Dead posters on the walls. It had more of an upscale zen day-spa vibe. Right above the water-cooler was this poster, which I had to photograph to send to my best friend, Sativa. (She's been on the receiving end of a lot of raised eyebrows and jokes over the years, but I still think she has the coolest name. (Sativa means "cultivated from the wild" in Latin, and "seeker of wisdom and truth" in Sanskrit.)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Monica: He was stretching on the floor when suddenly I had an urge to fly. I've always secretly wanted to be an acrobat. It took us both a few tries before I found my center and could let go of his hands, my hips precariously balanced on his wobbly feet. In the end, we ended up a heap on the floor, a circus of laughter.

Evelyn: My last meal at the Dandelion Cafe, what has been a Monday ritual for almost a year. I almost always order the Giddy-Up—vegan chili with organic cheese, fresh garlic-hummus, and a side of Goddess Sauce—$5 on Mondays. I will miss Ralph (he tries to keep the peppers out of my bowl) and the warm feeling I get when I sit quietly in this old house of a cafe, the cooks in hippie clothing, rogue mussy hair, and stretched earlobes, singing punk in the kitchen. I will miss the fresh artwork on the walls from yet another local artist, and the couches in the back where I held an entire 8 week course when I didn't have enough students to fill an Artist Way class at the Spiral Circle. I will miss the garden chairs, and the wishing tree, and the bright green paint of the cafe. Most of all, my yummy Giddy-up mixed with warm greetings at the door, and an earthy hug from Ralph.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet 16

Evelyn: My kid turned 16 today, something I remember trying to imagine when he fit into my arms and stared at me with big chocolate eyes and a mop of soft curls on his head. It seemed so far away— 16—and I couldn't imagine myself at 40 either. And here he is, walking tall, the mop of soft curls turned into a thick hippie-heap that makes most women gawk with jealousy. He is funny and smart and turning into what I hear is a true teenager... just as long as he doesn't ask to start driving, I may just survive.

Monica: Before my parents left today, we had breakfast together at the Little River Inn. After we said goodbye and watched them drive away, I trudged up the hill to our car, my heart heavy and sad. As I got in the car, I saw a patch of blooming dahlias before me, dewy and new. I grabbed my camera and felt a little better for having seen and captured a bit of their beauty. 

On another note, today is my nephew's 16th birthday. It feels like he's officially not a kid anymore—he's entering the first realms of adulthood. It seems like yesterday when I was at my sister's side, witnessing her giving birth and welcoming this new human who has since grown into an intelligent, funny, and quirky young man with a Rubix cube obsession. I see bits of my father in him, bits of my sister, and even bits of myself. I hope his journey into adulthood is filled with exciting and profound discoveries and he learns to navigate through the world with confidence and compassion. I hope he always has the courage to follow his heart and to be open to the hearts of others. Happy birthday, JP. Welcome to the world again.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Portraits

Monica: The Point Cabrillo lighthouse gives tours of the lighthouse lens only four times a year and we happened to hear from some guests that today was one of those days. Sam paid the entrance fee and we headed up three flights of ladders to get to the top, where we had a foggy view of the coast. Poor Sam was a little anxious about being three stories up, so he held the hand grips on the outside of the lighthouse glass as we walked around the lens.

Evelyn: I am taking in the love and faces of so many friends within my P3 community. I am missing them already, knowing that a new life & routine is likely to make my connection with Orlando a bit distant. This is Tori, whose vibrancy and playfulness clicks with me endlessly. I love that I get to keep her on these weekends, housing her so that her family doesn't have to make the hour+ drive each time to get her, so that I get spoiled by the "girl sisterhood-like energy" my life is often lacking (with all these BOYS). I love her—love her energy and light—love her.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Evelyn:  I am discovering new ways to make my way to and from Clearwater. With monsoon rains slowing down traffic on the main highway, I risked being late for P3 tonight and drove north on 275 for a short stint to catch a county road. I eventually drove almost the entire ride back on Knights Griffith, NPR's "This American Life" storying the ride, where lush Colombian-like farms, mossy trees, and fields of cattle against backdrops of storm clouds filled my eyes and heart with such beauty I could melt.  Dozens of times I wanted to stop and just take it all in, however I had yet another place to be and instead I held my camera up as I passed by fields in hopes of capturing the stunning beauty of the little towns I moved through. I look forward to this drive again, uninterrupted by commitments, and I promise myself a moment to visit with the cows.

Monica: I was just telling someone about these earrings the other day. When I was about 9 years old, I got two pearls out of a single oyster at Sea World—a rare find that made me feel especially lucky—and for years I kept them in a locked box along with my passport & birth certificate and the gold jewelry my Colombian relatives had gifted me over the years. I held onto them, thinking that someday I'd do something with them, not really knowing what. At my first "real job" out of college, one of my coworkers was a jeweler, and I saved up my money to commission him to make some earrings for my mother's 50th birthday. I designed them and he made them, exactly as I'd envisioned. My mother loved them when she saw them and they've been her favorite pair of earrings ever since. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At Work

Monica:  I love it when my parents come to visit. They cook for us and we eat marvelously. My mother's Colombian beans, Sam's bacon & eggs, steak, salmon, artichokes, tomatoes from their gardeneverything is fresh and delicious. It reminds me of my childhood, sitting down together for family dinners at our long dining table. We always ate well and the kitchen was always where we spent the most time in our house. Having them here makes home feel even more like home.

Evelyn: Working at the pile of resumes. My workspace is slowly coming together much like my new home - little by little. I am anxious to find some artwork to make my shared office a bit more "Evelyn" but for now, I am sorting through the lives of dozens of potential instructors...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At Ease

Evelyn: New job, day one. Red sneakers to keep me company—to help me feel at ease on my feet—at ease in a new environment where everything is learning and adjustment. It felt comforting to have something that represents me, my attitude, my world in this new space.

Monica: At the Fort Bragg farmer's market, I noticed this little dog tied in front of the Advocate News building, his tongue mimicking the waving flag behind him. Adorable.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pito's Birthday

Monica: It's my dad's birthday today and I actually remembered to send him a birthday card a few days early so he would get it in time this year. If he were here, I'd be making him crèpes, but instead I called him to tell him I love him and thank him for sending me his inflatable kayaks so Michael and I can enjoy them on the rivers here. I thought of him today as I watched a sliver of moon creep toward the horizon at dusk. He introduced me to the wonders of the night sky when I was a kid, setting up his telescope in the yard at night and showing my sister and me winking planets and the pitted surface of the moon and showing us how to find constellations. Happy birthday, Pito...I owe you some crèpes!

Evelyn: Being his birthday, I took my dad and the boys out for a cheap date to the local Mexican Market for some of the most delicious tacos. All my pictures of my dad stuffing himself with a chili relleno were fuzzy. (They focused instead on the white whiskers near his ear...there is more to him than white whiskers.) What I know is that time spirals out faster than I can keep track, and my dad is changing (as am I) and the early morning slug that met us on our morning pee-promenade with Gizmo reminded me of the ongoing evolution and changes that occur as we move through life. (So, it was between this and a slug—and I figured my dad was cuter!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Natural Wonders

Evelyn: I haven't walked Gizmo in weeks. He has been traveling and I have been moving. He has stuck to me like glue the few days I have stayed with Pito and as usual, has woken me up before the alarm (45 minutes before my alarm to be exact). In that time, however, the brisk walk in the morning sunshine illuminated all kinds of things (the reason for my unending joy over morning pee-pee breaks) and there sat a grasshopper, big enough to scare me, watching our morning antics from the bougainvillea leaves.

Monica: My mom and I walked into Caspar and I took her out on the bluffs there to see the view of South Caspar and Caspar beach. We discovered this plant with little balloon-like seedpods in a cluster. I still haven't figured out what it is.