Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Rituals

We did it! Our 2010 365 Project is complete. I (Monica) am especially proud of the fact that we both kept our commitment to take at least one photo a day for each day of the year, come rain or shine, resistance or enthusiasm, time or no time.

We'd like to do something a little different for 2011, but haven't quite decided what that will look like. But rest assured, we will continue our posts in the new year.

Happy new year, everyone! And thank you for your support, encouragement, and visits to our blog.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nook with a View

We need help...

We are quickly coming upon the end of the 365 project, and now have to decide what next year will be with regards to our photography... Seeing that we both are pretty bound by our environments, we have whined that we find it hard to discover new views where we are. Yes, I know, we really do have an unlimited source of images within our own homes, but we are challenged with finding inspiration in those environments. We have discussed carrying on for another year, taking turns taking pictures, doing a picture and a written piece (each of us switching, and staying unaware of the piece each creates.) I have even suggested we play with themes this next year, doing a theme a week, a word, a number, or something of that sort. Perhaps other ideas?

What do you think -- our fabulous, curious, unannounced but dedicated spectators? We need ideas, encouragement, and even a tickle of support (there are SOME people who think we should stop all together!!)

Much Love to those Who Support our Creativity & Imagination,  Evelyn
PS. How can we give up THESE kinds of images?