Friday, June 28, 2013


Evelyn: It has been a busy week. I get home several hours later than usual. Down tumbles "the Kid," "Let's play chess, mom." We pop in some frozen meals. I hate frozen meals. I hate chess, I can't see beyond my current and possible next move. But Justin gives me pointers, "What would YOU do, Kid, if you were on my side of the board?" And off he goes with several possibilities that it makes my tired head spin. Next thing I know I have him in a slight quandary.  He takes longer to think on it, and I am secretly wondering if he is letting me win, or pure LUCK got me here. My confidence grows, I look at his mane of hair, his thinking eyes, and I love him so much that I play chess. Three more moves, and I am done. My king is defeated. I smile and I announce, "I hate chess!" Yet, he will tumble down again the next time, and I will sit and drink him in, and play a game.

Monica: Most weekends, we head to Sacramento to indulge ourselves in the simple pleasures of city life--restaurants, movies, shops, and museums. We go to the city to get away, whereas most people come to our hot springs resort in the middle of nowhere to get away from the noise and haste of modern living. I need a dose of noise and haste to keep me balanced. This weekend, we discovered a park (Discovery Park, actually) at the confluence of the Sacramento & American rivers. It was a warm summer evening and families were loading up their picnics and their boats after a fun-filled day in the sun. We watched the sky turn to dusk as innumerable skunks scavenged for scraps by the overflowing garbage cans. The evening felt peaceful and the wide expanse of the rivers reminded me of my little town of Fuling in China, where I lived at the junction of the Yangtze and Wu rivers. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

On a Wire...

MONICA: It began with one hummingbird feeder. When Michael saw the feeder filled with hummingbirds, he bought another one. When both were full, he went out and bought a third giant one that holds a gallon of sugar water. Now we are constantly visited by a throng of 10-20 hummingbirds at a time. When the feeders are fully occupied, other hummingbirds wait patiently in the branches of the pine tree outside of our kitchen window or the antenna on top of our house. 

EVELYN: I feel blessed when I am home in time for a sunset walk on the causeway. The sunsets here draw an audience - dozens of cars parked along the sandy edges of the receding water line, couples curled up on the backs of trucks, others on benches, all ages sitting in groups, some waiting for the show from the shallow water off the banks. You will see people fishing, some smoking cigars in quiet contemplation of the messages they find on the horizon. Some stay till the very last breath of sun has left the sky, and others leave when the finale of pink has escaped the clouds and dissipated into the air. I however try to enjoy it from both ends.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome Back

Monica and I have gotten motivated to update a photo a week... this is a huge deal, as I think both of us allowed life to wash us over and found it hard to get back in sync with our blog last year. That being said, welcome back - to us two sisters - and seeing pieces of each others week - and connecting.

Some of our adventures: