Friday, October 28, 2011

Warm Socks & Baling Out

Evelyn: During our driving lesson to Orlando (full of grabbing the seat or wishing for a roll bar) we took the country roads to avoid the pressure (fear) of driving I-4. Taking a pause to switch and take pictures, I handed Justin the driver's seat. We were on a small side road, so he could practice a 3-point turn that wasn't in the high school parking lot and hopefully get us back on track. My leisurely observance of bales of hay turned into a 5-minute ordeal, with pleasant farmers waiting for us to get turned around. Justin drove us into the ditch on the side of the road, and stalling out, all with a captive audience. I stepped out of the car, assured other motorists that "we are just fine... student driver!" and with nods, people continued on. One farmer waited, just to make sure we could get out of the ditch, and to prove that was possible, I took over, got us out, and again swapped seats. Not helpful for Justin's confidence, however, sometimes you just have to move on.

Monica: I officially gave in to fall this week when I pulled my boots out of the closet and put on my first pair of socks since last spring. Up until now I've been running around sockless in my summer flats, in complete denial that it's October. I also had to pull out my warm hat and warm coat to walk down to the beach. Another sign that we are well into fall: the mushrooms blooming out of the damp, pine-needle carpeted earth. This fly agaric mushroom was about 5-inches in diameter.

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