Friday, October 7, 2011

Paths & Drives

Monica: The two lovely Aussie photographers, Jessica and Cherina. I took them hiking on the Staircase trail and introduced them to the delight of feasting on wild huckleberries. They left this afternoon, headed north to the old growth redwood forests of Humboldt county. I feel like I made two new friends and hope that someday our paths cross again. Have a safe trip, you two!

Evelyn: My son is learning to drive. This is a huge lesson in trust, a test of patience, and an opportunity to instill in him the care, awareness, and regard that befits a healthy driver. I find us having conversations about how others are driving, about what to look for, about what I am doing, AND what I am doing wrong. And in all of those, I am willing to admit my mistakes, eager to share the conversation, and so proud that he is careful and patient with me.

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  1. The strong grip of the car wheel is a sign of self confidence and readiness to take off on his own. I am so proud and full of joy knowing he is being taught by two great teachers. Justin, I love you.