Sunday, October 2, 2011


Evelyn: This little guy (gal), wearing a face on his back, has created a barrier on my bedroom porch so large and beautiful, I haven't had the heart to get in the way of his endeavors. I did, however, get a little mischievous and sprayed his web down with a fine mist of water, just so I could better see all he had been working on. He (or she) quickly got to work, pulling on strands, collecting water, and straightening house, then quickly returning to center, just to wait. It has been a solid two weeks since I discovered my bunk-mate—and he isn't moving to any other location despite my requests. I imagine his web is my daily art show, freshly reworked and measured, every morning.

Monica: I realized all the photos I took today were vertical when I needed a horizontal one. Thus, a late-night snapshot, just before crawling into bed beside my sleeping husband and a good novel.

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