Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghoulish Glamour

Monica: We decided this morning to head to Petaluma for a supply run and a visit with friends. It didn't even occur to me that it was Halloween until we turned onto Petaluma Blvd and saw a parade of angels, demons, superheros, villains, fairies, monsters, and cute little bugs crowding the sidewalks with their trick-or-treat bags in hand. At Kevin & Adriana's house, Kevin let us have the honor of answering the doorbell for trick-or-treaters. I got to hand out the candy while Michael got to jump out wearing the bloody monster mask and wielding a hatchet to scare the kids.

Evelyn: Ghoulish Glamour. Justin and I went to Les & Delene's to help distribute two storage bins full of candy. Visited by every type of colorful ghoul and princess, we basked in the delight of eager faces, felt gratitude by weary parents to whom we offered water, and chattered between candy eating, nacho chomping, and ongoing hauntings.

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