Saturday, October 29, 2011

Resurrected Fun

Monica: A group of knitters from Healdsburg rented the Farmhouse this weekend and I found myself "checking up" on them frequently, if only to get a look at their projects and soak up some of their feisty female energy. When I told them that I had a 6-year-old sweater project hidden in the back of my closet that I had given up for dead, they urged me to go get it and join their circle; they would help me out. I ran home and pulled my knitting bag off the closet shelf. When I showed it to them, they admired the yarn and commented that I had done a great job knitting what turned out to be a very complicated pattern. They looked at the pieces, figured out what was wrong, helped me to rip out the parts that needed to be redone, and proclaimed that I was more than capable of finishing that sweater. It felt good to be so encouraged and supported by complete strangers, to be welcomed into their circle of laughter and sharing. And it felt good to bring fresh energy to a project I had long since given up on but always hoped I'd someday have the courage to complete. 

Evelyn: An unexpected yet brief trip to Cassadega landed me in shops of every kind of ornament and tarot influenced spiritualistic token. I love the energy of this place, hopeful to return for more adventuring soon. I am always drawn to places like this, expecting that somewhere in my history it has been a part of me in some way. I usually walk away with a stone or something that fits in my hand, however, this time I carried just my camera to capture the colors.

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