Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fiery Red

Monica: The days are getting shorter and I keep forgetting that I don't have all day to capture the light. Today I made it out the door as the light was beginning to flatten and lose its golden glow, about 20 minutes before sunset. It turned out to be perhaps the most spectacular sunset I've seen here in Mendocino, with layers of fiery red, dark orange, and deep pink. I missed Michael being at my side to see it, but when I got home, he was standing out on the back deck taking it all in.

Evelyn: Hanging at the mall today, I enjoyed a stint of time at Barnes & Noble, drinking coffee and catching up with friends, perusing the shelves and swimming in a sea of language, words, pictures, and paper. Passing the magazines I am intrigued by the influences - standing bright red among other more muted pages, and I question, again, what is beauty, really? Is it all this, or what I find every day in the variety of people and faces, each wearing their experiences, scents, clothing, and smiles in different ways. Or even the ways in which nature flaunts itself, with flowers and color and different efforts to lure us closer. How is it that we make this media our reality, every day, and allow it to influence how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our life?

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