Thursday, October 20, 2011

Returns & Relief

Evelyn: Relief. I am at then end of a tremendously challenging day. I rode through it until the phone call to my "little sister crisis hotline" and finally let go of being strong to melt the drama out over the air and regather myself. My days are good, I am learning so much, I know it will get better, I know that is just one day of many really great ones. I have gratitude for the ears that take me in, knowing there is nothing to fix, but listen and support, so that I can jump back on the horse the next day and carry on the ride. My remedy? Mindless stuff, for just a half hour; words with friends, glass of wine, feet up.

Monica: Another hike today, this time up a heart-thumping hill till we have a view of the valley below. The air is a little hazy, likely from fires in the Sacramento River valley to the east, we are told. It's our last morning here before we head home to the coast where the redwoods and ocean await us. 

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