Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bridges & Skylines

Evelyn: A friend in the P3 community passed this weekend - a therapist whose gentleness and low voice served as a beacon to many, many people as they have moved into recovery, healing, change, and rediscovery. I took some time to have a beach walk with him - as I couldn't be there amidst the many who are grieving - and I enjoyed a sunset and internal conversation.  It was in that space that I took pause, and tried to processes several levels to this event. For me, he was a father in the courseroom, a protector, and his illness a difficult look at the challenge I have with things out of my control. Instead, I am reminded by him to be present, as he was in so many moments.

Monica: I told Michael that I wanted to get away to the water this weekend--a lake or a river where I could savor the pleasure of weightlessness and freedom that I feel when I'm in the water. We drove to Auburn and on Saturday afternoon made our way to the North Fork of the American River, where we hiked about a mile to a placid swimming hole where the water was deep and green. We spent several hours on the river swimming and sunning and watching daredevil teenage boys flip and dive off the tall rocks into the deep pool of water below. It was a quintessentially California summer day, reminiscent of childhood summers spent camping in Yosemite.

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