Friday, April 6, 2012

Wooly Lambs & White Flowers

Monica: We took the afternoon off to run some errands in town and I remembered that today was Friday and the farm stand would be open at Full Belly Farm. The sound of bleating sheep greeted us when we arrived. We learned that the farm is one of the biggest and best suppliers of organic produce to the Bay Area. They raise their own chickens, sheep, goats, and cows, as well as grow fruit and nut trees, produce their own honey, flour, and wool, and sell fresh milk and eggs. We strolled around the farm for awhile and by far, my favorite part, was visiting the wooly little lambs chasing each other around the base of an oak tree.

Evelyn: Walking out of work there are often piles of leaves gathered by the wind along the edge of the building. My attention was caught by these flowers mixed in with the brown leaves. Someones costume must have dropped a few faux flowers...

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