Monday, April 16, 2012


Evelyn: This weekend was particularly difficult for me, a push to expand and heal some untouched memories. I feel exhausted, and still somewhat unanchored to my body, a bit shaky, and full of processing. Getting back into my being, I find I am drawn to nature as an element of connection.

(On behalf of Monica) I recently (in late April seeing that we are behind in our postings) visited Monica at Wilbur Hotsprings, and spent a week of healing and sisterly support. Monica & Michael's current nest (due to be moved again) is on a hillside filled with Poppies. It is one of the loveliest parts of the walk down to the hotel, that 40 foot skip down a wave of yellow poppies whose heads open when the sun is brightest, and who tuck themselves away at dusk.

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