Thursday, April 5, 2012

Evening Rituals

Evelyn: My dancing partner, Ed, and I couldn't quite time getting to a dance event after work as usual, so he invited me to the Largo Community Playground to dance, instead, on the play equipment. The summer is slowly creeping in on us, but the evenings still tolerable. And aside from dancing, there were spurts of jungle-gym climbs, avoidance of hot lava as we balanced and jumped from place to place, and a few dives down the slides. The park is lovely, and it was a good change from the everyday "grown-up."

Monica: It's a ritual on some evenings, Michael making the popcorn before we snuggle up together on the couch to watch a movie. He has a particular method which includes melting a whole stick of butter (we don't use it all!) in the little green "butter melter" I found at an antique shop in Tucson. While the butter melts, he heats the oil for the popcorn, then tosses the kernels in at the right time and cranks the handle of the popcorn maker just so until the batch is perfectly popped. He drizzles the butter over the popcorn and shakes just the right amount of salt over it all while smacking my hand away from stealing a few bites.

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