Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moonsets & New Attempts

Monica: On my way home from work, I saw the waxing moon rising above the trees on the ridge behind our little home. I've been so focused on absorbing information, multi-tasking, and trying not to feel overwhelmed that I've been completely disconnected from the beauty that surrounds me when I step out of whatever building I happen to be in. In these moments, I miss my mother and the long walks we would be taking together.

Evelyn: During my photo journeys at the college I watched as a student prepared to make her first attempt at drawing blood. The learning processes was like fireworks, as her classmates looked on, anticipating their first pokes as well. Then, as the needle neared, and she got more focused, I watched as everyone leaned in, beautifully, like a flower, to watch, bated breath, the attempt. This is why I love the classroom and learning.

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  1. I MISS THOSE GORGEOUS, LONG WALKS WITH MY DAUGHTER, Monica. It is always time of communion with her because all that is in the mind just goes away, and we are one, absorbed by nature, each other. I assume heaven is like that, just plain and pure joy.
    Miss Evelyn, I remember my first pock, how my hand trembled in fear of going right strait through the vain of my first victim. It is fascinating. I wish I could go back and draw blood.