Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fading Light

Evelyn: The moon is peeking out from the palms in the evening as I emerge from yoga, feeling a bit more grounded and relaxed. I spend a moment enjoying its light. While in Yoga, the last exercise includes closing our eyes and sinking into the floor, our bodies gently pulsing with the ferver of movement - a moment of rest. I hear Heidi say, "close your eyes, relax..." I am near the window and I catch the wind moving the oak outside. Its leaves are on fire, orange with the fading light of the sun. I hear her repeat, "Close your eeeeyyyyyeeeesssss, relax, take a breath." My eyes won't close as my mind rides the little flittering leaves, waving and dancing, hot and happy. I want to laugh, telling my body to disappear into the floor, while my eyes drink in the dance outside. As the orange fades my eyes finally close, and I am lost in the melody of Heidi's words... relax.

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