Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Current Pace

Evelyn: Today was Jamie's wedding shower. One thing I love about Jamie are the fabulous shoes she chooses. We have tried going on shoe adventures, but my feet are too rustic and finicky and adhere to the belief that the closest thing to naked, flat, and grounded, the better. But, she is my little shoe goddess.

Monica: (Evelyn writes...) So, I understood that Franklin's retreat burned down today after a late day conversation with Monica. Of course, as remote as they all are, and so close to state lands and miles of dry nature, a parade of firefighters from the local casino and towns were very busy over the next few days. I was sad to hear that flames were adding to the stress of acclimating to Wilbur. Regardless, I also heard the depth of gratitude for the firefighters and their diligence.

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