Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hearts and Webs

Moncia: Starting from here. It's been a little over a month since we moved here and to be honest, it's been a challenging transition to this new life. Ever since packing up and moving from Caspar, I have neglected my daily photography practice, maybe out of a need to just be in the present moment rather than capture it. I've been missing my practice, though. My life feels out-of-sorts, unsettled, disorganized, drifting. It has been too many months living out of boxes, not having a space to settle into and make my own. I see the beauty around me, this new landscape of rolling hills and vast golden valleys. There are incredible vistas and colorful flowers I've never met before, an infinity of stars in the night sky and a jackrabbit who crosses our path and leads us home each night. I will do what I can to settle myself and practice going with the flow.

Evelyn: Hiking during the mid-morning through John Chestnut Park. These colorful, iridescent, and busy spiders were strewn about along paths and foliage. Quite lovely, really. The company just as colorful and curious.

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