Friday, March 30, 2012

Cracked & Swung

Monica: One of the maintenance guys was weeding around the Red House when the weed whacker kicked up a pebble and shattered one of the double-glass sliding doors on the patio. Over the next hour, the glass crackled outward from the original point of damage, creating a beautiful web of crystalline cracks. By the late afternoon, the bottom half of the glass had shattered into a myriad glittering bits while the top half held on. I've been feeling half cracked myself, what with the overwhelm of learning a new job and adjusting to a new lifestyle. This reminds me that there's beauty even in the broken bits.

Evelyn: I went out to a live band (I think they were called the Red Hot Hornets) for a live swing thing in downtown St. Pete. I had the kidlet and Austin along, and found myself up until 1 am waiting for them to emerge from the 10pm showing of "Hunger Games." A win-win for all, as I got to dance under the stars.

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