Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Every year I start with a new Buddha (several of which are strewn about my space, catching my eye at different times). Monica sent me this one weeks ago, and when I began to open the box and saw a bald little head, I quickly closed the box back up. I decided I needed to wait until the first of the year to uncover him and place him where he will be a gentle reminder to keep my life joyful, full of breath, gratitude, and abundance. He was one of the first things I brought into my space today.

As Monica makes her way - starting a new year with some travel and a new job - and likely without access to internet for days at a time, we have contemplated what to do with our site. I know we have both found it a challenge - two whole years. I have already started my year off with pictures, unsure of how things might work. Monica recently got a new camera and iTouch (to her enjoyment - she is playing with Instagram) and our two pictures likely will not fit as they have without toying around with sizes, crops, etc. So, let me say - we plan on keeping it up, without knowing the  specifics just yet. I am not sure if at times it will be a solitary journey... but it will be something between us both.

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