Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We are on hold...

Just letting everyone know that if you are waiting for a picture - we may not have much up for the next 10 days. Monica left today for Spain - a gift from close Peace Corp friends, so she could attend the wedding of a lifetime. I know she is likely to try sending me pictures at some point, but she is not sure what she will have access to. So, I am saving up my pictures, until hers arrive.

We so love all the people who follow and comment, who let us know of ways they have gotten inspired. It is encouraging, seeing that sometimes we both experience a little "photography-block" and are resistant... but we still take pictures, even if not the best. When her pictures come in, I promise to post them ASAP...

Until then, try to find ways to see the world a little differently... behind the lens can be quite remarkable.

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